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Welcome to team 31 Design Studios established 2002 we’re a multimedia design house. creating custom animations for music video, series of indi comic books and creator of #mybufferwall
collectible graffiti Art walls. this season we are proud to announce some exciting projects coming up first off with our new product
#mybufferwall is a DYI art collectible graffiti Art walls, Currently we have over 31 artist apart of this travelling gallery. More info can be found below. Secondly we are honored to announce the return of the chronic Avengers with all new
tshirts and a set webcomics, Our freshman comic is Misadventures starring waxy and canister..
Last but not least we’ll be team 31  Design Studio services is a full service design studio. we do everything art! Need a Mural? Want a new logo, or revamp your website. Need something to more.. Try our custom animations, for commercials , companybranding and promotions. If you have a project, Let us get you a quote.
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Art History

 Art Curator For MyBufferwall Project

 Featured Artist At The Uni Of Canada
 Held First Solo Art Show
 Featured Artist Interview Daam Inc.
 Artist Interview Fruit Punch Drunk Magazine 
 Featured Gallery Exhibit At GCS Gallery
 Featured ln Australian Street Art Book
 Jlo Graffiti design for American Idol
 Featured In Mind State Magazine
 Featured In XBOX Racing Game Mods
 Deviant Vector Artist of The Week
 Driftmokey Drift Car Designer
 Art Featured In Orange County Register
 New Music Animation Video For Edley Shine


Akil is a true, self-taught artist and graphic art designer who develops his craft by challenging himself to work with various mediums. His unique style has appeared on t-shirts, logos, race cars, freight trains, album covers, and websites before and since working at Lucas Films. This excellent opportunity helped to further develop his innate skills and master digital art. Armed with a pencil, ink pens, blunts, and a black book, Akil breathes life into these creations via programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML code, and CSS.


Edley Shine CyannRecova is this summers new anthem The chroniCAvengers Director: Akil Song By: Edley Shine – CyannRecova for SHinealous Records Artist / Animator: Akil Production Company: Team31 / SmkOne Comics

When You Order Prints

-Included Is An Embossed Certificate of Authenticity With Each Signed and Numbered Print. (All Prints Are under 50 pressings. We personally package your artwork for safe shipping.

Design Services

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Which is why your logo is the most important element in your corporate image. Whether you have a concept in mind or want to explore different ideas, I can help you forge a new identity to build brand recognition and convey just the right message for your company.


My Freelance clients range from a wide variety of genres: Image Comics’ 9 Rings Of Wu Tang; Split USA; Oakley; Beat Junkies; DuVernay Public Relations Inc.; MTV; Afterlife Recordz; Reprise Records; Morpheus Records (London) and Rawkus Records; Nomad Player (MP3 Player); Alien Restriction for Play station; Olive -International Recording Artist; Black Sabbath-International Recording Artist; AC/DC -International Recording Artist, Deftones -International Recording Artist, Ozzy Fest -National Concert; Edley Shine Shinealous Records -International Recording Artist,
References Available Upon Request:

Akil honed his skills by doing t-shirt designs, logos, album covers and websites. Most of his work is done with pencil, ink pens and a black book; however, he prefers to use Adobe Illustrator to create his vector graphics. His client list includes Shaq, 50 Cent, Hoopz, Street King Energy Drink, and Drift Monkey, just to name a few. He is in a class alone exhibiting extreme beauty. Keeping true to his roots he allows the graffiti influence to help him explore his artwork. He is currently working on several projects, the Chronic Avengers comic book, #mybufferwall a collectable graffiti wall. He is also involved in the creation of an animation pilot which is being developed .

AKIL Owner/ Creator
Hi Akil, this is KC – I love your artwork and want to let you know you inspire me. Take care.


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