Chronic Avengers originated in 1992 was created by a group of friends, as a underground comic book and urban lifestyle brand. Made up of graffiti artist, dj’s, mc’s and hip hop comic people. C.A quickly spread through the hip hop clubs, reggae scene and radio shows with our saying #CAALLDAY. Our featured artist have been with us from the start! Akil and Curb One who’s art work has been been all over the world Japan, London, Australia and countless gallery openings and have designed for many companies. They have reinvented the brand over the years and now we have released new designs that embrace the C.A lifestyle and we are sure you’ll love our new look. Log on to for limited edition signed prints, canvas’s and t-shirts.

About Our Brand
C.A is a Los Angeles based clothing company. We provide sweatshop-free, environmental friendly and Made in the USA, Our style is people who want to send a message with fashion and stand out in a crowd. C.A was created to give urban consumers a unique brand and symbolizing their lifestyle on clothing, t shirts, hoodies, varsity jackets, hats, cell phone cases, stickers, backpacks, comic books, signed prints, custom canvas’s and more.

The company brings people together looking for a brand they can represent, that showcase’s their lifestyle.
You can get Chronic Avengers limited edition, custom apparel, tshirts, hoodies and hats