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About Akil

Originally from Michigan, with a penchant for vibrant color, slick definition, and compelling design, Akil (AK) has been creating graffiti since he was old enough to buy paint and appreciate the California sun.
Although preferring the creative freedom of working as an individual, Akil Daniel ventured into starting a few graffiti groups as a teen. SOA (Sinisters of Art), a group he started in the sixth grade, existed before he knew what style warz meant. Later, he created BH (Bad Habits), which evolved into KBH (Kan’t Be Hustled). His last crew, NASA (No Art Survives After), evolved during his senior year while his peers worried about who they were taking to prom.

Akil is a true, self-taught artist and graphic art designer who develops his craft by challenging himself to work with various mediums. His unique style has appeared on t-shirts, logos, race cars, freight trains, album covers, and websites before and since working at Lucas Films. This excellent opportunity helped to further develop his innate skills and master digital art. Armed with a pencil, ink pens, blunts, and a black book, Akil breathes life into these creations via programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML code, and CSS.

Always pushing boundaries, Akil left Lucas to work with various cliental. He has worked for Clear Channel, Fast and Furious, and spent six years making porn sites. In addition, his client list includes Jennifer Lopez (“I Luh Ya Papi”), Shaq, 50 Cent, Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, Cappadonna, Edley Shine, Ava DuVernay, Street King Energy Drink, and Drift Monkey, just to name a few. He has also been featured in a collection of magazines: Marijuana Hillbilly (a few covers and an artist interview), Cloud 9 (artist interview), Daaam Magazine (official magazine of Comic Con), BBR Magazine (8 issue comic strip), and, of course, Cannibus Culture. Xbox, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4 games feature his work as well. From Norway (Drift Monkey and Fantasy Factory), to Sweden (J Spec), to America (as graffiti set designer for an episode of American Idol), and in the digital world, Akil’s art cannot be contained.

Currently, Akil is up at night crafting his labor of love: The Chronic Avengers comic book, which has been featured in a variety of medical marijuana books. Yet, always inspired, he is also involved in the creation of an animation pilot which is being developed for television. His art is scheduled to be on display in February, at a gallery show in Sydney, Australia. No matter what accomplishments, AK cherishes his deep roots as a “graffiti kid”. And, perhaps due to his meditative spirituality, Akil’s humility is most charming; he is more likely to pass a blunt than touting his achievements.

Featured Work

Some of my project that live on line

Jennifer Lopez i love you papi American idol performance
DJ JFX Animated Intro
The State Of Hip Hop By Waxie
Drift monkey tv intro done in flash
Edley Shine Badman Rudebwoy Shotta 2010
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