Who We Are

Welcome to Team31  Design Studio established 2002 we’re a multimedia design house. creating custom animations for music video, series of indi comic books and creator of #mybufferwall collectible graffiti Art walls. this season we are proud to announce some exciting projects coming up first off with our new product #mybufferwall is a DYI art collectible graffiti Art walls, Currently we have over 31 artist apart of this travelling gallery. More info can be found below. Secondly we are honored to announce the return of the chronic Avengers with all new t shirts and a set webcomics, Our freshman comic is Misadventures starring waxy and canister.. Last but not least we’ll be Team31  Design Studio services is a full service design studio. we do everything art!

A  little background about Akil . A self-taught graffiti artist with no professional training, Akil honed his skills by doing t-shirt designs, logos, album covers and websites. Most of his work is done with pencil, ink pens and a black book; however, he prefers to use Adobe Illustrator to create his vector graphics. His client list includes Jlo, Edley Shine, 50 Cent, Hoopz, Street King Energy Drink, and Drift Monkey, just to name a few.


We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


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